קדם מגבר לפטיפון

Audiomat Leben Zesto Boulder Lamm Symphonic Line VAC TW-Acustic

Phono 1.7 ● קדם מגבר לפטיפון

הי אנד במחיר באדג'ט

Input 1: MM 5mV, 47KΩ, 44db
Input 2: MC 0.25mV, 1 to 200Ω, 68 db
unit: 130 x 75 x 230mm / 1.6 Kg
ps: 110 x 60 x 130mm / 1.6 Kg

Audiomat Phono 1.7
₪ 8,400

Opus 2 ● קדם מגבר לפטיפון

אולטרה הי אנד במחיר הי אנד

Ballaned 21db
Unballaned 15db
445 x 150 x 360
19 Kg

Audiomat Opus 2
₪ 39,900
Audiomat Leben Zesto Boulder Lamm Symphonic Line VAC TW-Acustic

RS-30EQ ● קדם מגבר מנורות לפטיפון

הי אנד במחיר באדג'ט

TubesJAN 12AT7A (G.E.) X 2
6X5GT (G.E.) X 1
RIAA CurveLess than +/0.2%
Input Impedance47KΩ(Normal)
Max. Input400mV (2KHz.)
Power Consumption17W
Weight6.0 kg
Dimensions340(W) x 140(H) x 240(D) mm


Exceptionally well-made amp.
Stereophile, November 2011 (Art Dudley)

Leben RS-30EQ Phono Preamplifier
₪ 10,000

The Leben RS-30EQ phono preamplifier is really something special, and a stone-cold bargain...
Possitive Feedback, Issue 43 (Jeff Day)

Audiomat Leben Zesto Boulder Lamm Symphonic Line VAC TW-Acustic

Andros Allasso Step Up Transformer ● שנאי סטפ-אפ

סטפ-אפ טרנספורמר מעולה, הוורסטילי ביותר בשוק לניצול מירבי של ראשים מסוג MM ו MC.

ארבעים מצבים לתמיכה נוחה ומדוייקת במגוון ראשים רחב Very Low to Very High

תומך במצב מונו \ סטריאו

כיוונון תוך כדי נגינה, ללא פאקים ובומים

שני מחברים לאדמה ושני מפסקי אדמה לשקט מכסימלי

בנוי מרכיבים ברמה גבוהה מאוד

עבודת יד, מיוצר בארה"ב

Zesto Andros Allasso
Zesto Andros Allasso
₪ 13,900

Andros II ● קדם מגבר לפטיפון

MM/MC פונוסטייג׳

  • Separate MM and MC inputs
  • MM/MC switch
  • MM impedance 47KΩ
  • MM capacitance 100pf
  • MC Unbalanced ground isolated RCA or Balanced XLR3F
  • MC ground on/off switch
  • MC load impedance adjustable 1000, 400, 200, 100, 50, 40, 30, 20Ω
  • MC Internal step up transformers
  • MC High/Low switch with -10 dB gain for high output MC cartridges
  • Gain MM input 45dB
  • Gain MC input 65dB
  • Noise - 75dBu
  • Frequency response complies with the original RIAA curve within +or- 0.5 dB
  • RIAA curve is achieved using a passive filter
  • 1% metal film resisters throughout
  • Polypropylene capacitors throughout the audio path
  • Dimensions 17" W X 12" D X 5" H
  • Weight 20 lbs.
  • 16 gauge steel enclosure
  • Award winning Isonode anti-vibration feet
  • Two year limited warranty
  • Six months warranty on Vacuum Tubes


Superb stereo separation and imaging

Big, full, open sound on live recordings.

The Andros PS1 was very quiet. In fact, it made the solid state ASR appear to have a bad case of tube rush by comparison. Stereo separation was also quite spectacular.

The sound of the entire Catch Bull at Four LP ... was nothing short of spectacular.

Superb dynamics, holographic imagery, and ability to cleanly and clearly deliver highly complex passages without losing its composure.

I recommend the Zesto Audio PS1 without reservation.

Dagogo 2012 (Ray Seda)

The Andros PS1 has a tonal correctness that becomes more evident as the hours go by. There is a sense of flow, with notes flowing up and out of the presentation, distinctly rendered. Oboes sound like oboes, not squawky and violins sound natural, not squeaky or harsh. The soundfield produced by this phonostage is humungous and it helps to make the speakers disappear that much easier."

Comparing the Andros PS1 to a few higher priced phonostages (the ARC REF Phono 2, Pass XP-25 and Sim 810LP) and a few lower (Manley Chinook, EAR 834P and Sim 310LP) reinforce that the pricing of this unit is indeed spot on.

After a solid month of intense audition, the Zesto Andros PS1 exhibits no weaknesses whatsoever.

TONE Audio (Jeff Dorgay)

Zesto Andros II
Zesto Andros II

₪ 21,900

כיוונון נוח במיוחד לכל סוגי הראשים
MC Low Output ועד MM החל מ

It’s one of the loveliest-sounding electronic components I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Almost miraculously, it seems to exhibit virtually no discernable electro‑mechanical artifacts. Its sound is unbelievably smooth and velvety; harmonically rich, full, and vividly textured; marvelously rounded, tactile, and dimensional, with great body and solidity; and completely natural in its musicality and freedom from any of the usual sonic hype, audiophile style. There is also an extraordinary homogeneity to the presentation...
The Absolute Sound 2012 (Paul Seydor)

All three Stereomojo reviewers agree: The Andros Phonostage, made in the USA by new company Zesto, is a remarkable achievement both in terms of absolute performance as well as artistic form and function. If you have a significant investment in vinyl and an analog front end that merits the best of the best phono preamps, you should by all means audition the Zesto Andros. At its price, its performance competes with much more expensive units. In appearance and sexiness, there’s nothing that comes close.
Stereo Mojo (Peshkin, Richardson, Fritz)


Andros Deluxe ● קדם מגבר לפטיפון

פונוסטייג' MM/MC

שילוב של דגם Andros עם דגם הקצה Téssera

דואל מונו
מעגל הארקה מיוחד
נורות יציאה 12DW7
סטפ-אפ MC איכותי במיוחד

Zesto Andros Deluxe

₪ 31,600

Andros Téssera ● קדם מגבר לפטיפון

הי אנד קצה MM/MC פונוסטייג׳

פונוסטייג' ורסטילי ביותר המתאים לסוגים שונים של ראשים
דואל מונו מלא - שני ערוצי הגברה נפרדים לחלוטין
תומך בארבע זרועות
מעגל נורות מלא ללא טרנזיסורים כלל
מפסקי אדמה למניעה של ground loop


Out of the box, the Andros Téssera produced luscious mids that immediately dominated the music, producing in that region a glorious, golden, airy sound...

It's among the more enjoyable and satisfying phono preamplifiers I've auditioned at any price.

Stereophile 2017 (Michael Fremer)

Zesto Andros Téssera
Zesto Andros Téssera

₪ 50,500
Audiomat Leben Zesto Boulder Lamm Symphonic Line VAC TW-Acustic

508 ● קדם מגבר לפטיפון

Inputs1 pair balanced
converts to unbalanced
Outputs1 pair balanced
Input Impedance, Max.MC: 100 Ω, MM: 47k ohms
Output Impedance100 Ω, balanced
1 kHz Gain, RIAAMC: 70 dB, MM: 44 dB
Freq. Response, RIAA±0.5 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Distortion, THD0.01%
Noise (EIN), MC116 nanovolts flat
20 Hz to 20 kHz
Max. Output Level16 Vrms
Crosstalk, L to R or R to L>100 dB or better 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Power Requirements100, 120, 200-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption15 Watt max
Weight5.2 kg

Boulder 508 Phono Preamplifier
₪ 22,100

1108 ● קדם מגבר לפטיפון

Inputs2 pairs balanced,converts to unbalanced
Outputs2 pairs balanced,
use as Main or Record
Input Impedance, Max.MC: 100 Ω, MM: 47k ohms
Output Impedance100 Ω, balanced
1 kHz Gain, RIAAMC: 70 dB, MM: 44 dB
Freq. Response, RIAA±0.10 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Distortion, THD+0.01%
Max. Output Level16 Vrms
Crosstalk, L to R or R to L-100 dB or better
20 Hz to 20 kHz
Weight23.2 kg

Boulder 1108 Phono Preamplifier
₪ 84,200
Audiomat Leben Zesto Boulder Lamm Symphonic Line VAC TW-Acustic

LP2.1 Regular & Deluxe ● קדם מגבר מנורות לפטיפון

Upgrades and modifications in comparison to the LP2:

  • introduction of many technical solutions that
    had been implemented in the LP1 Signature (just
    like the ML2.2 single-ended power amplifier
    derived many of its technical solutions from
    the ML3 Signature power amplifier);
  • introduction of the new tubes: 6C3P and 6C45P-E (same
    tubes that used in the LP1 Signature phono
    preamplifier), and corresponding adjustments
    in the circuitry;
  • significantly reduced output impedance;
  • new parts that had been developed by various
    manufacturers since the introduction of the LP2;
  • new pc-board material
  • super low noise power transformer

₪ 45,000

deluxe לגירסת  ₪ 46,300
Audiomat Leben Zesto Boulder Lamm Symphonic Line VAC TW-Acustic

Phono Vorstufe ● קדם מגבר לפטיפון

הי אנד גבוה במחיר הי אנד

Symphonic Line Phono Vorstufe
₪ 29,600  החל מ  

Phono Reference HD ● קדם מגבר לפטיפון

הי אנד גבוה במחיר הי אנד

Symphonic Line Phono Reference HD
₪ 33,800  החל מ  
Audiomat Leben Zesto Boulder Lamm Symphonic Line VAC TW-Acustic

Renaissance Phonostage ● קדם מגבר מנורות לפטיפון

Derived from the cost-no-object, award-winning Statement Phono Stage.

Six twin triode tube stages responsible for the principal ampli cation of the phono signal and RIAA equalization.

Dual mono recti cation, ltering, decoupling, and energy storage is provided in the external power supply and in the audio chassis for spacious imaging, incredible detail, and full range impact. The new chassis design greatly improves EM shielding, with results more similar to the Statement than to earlier VAC preamplifiers.

Three inputs are provided on premium Cardas rhodium RCA jacks. Front panel controls allow you to customize the gain and both MM and MC cartridge loading. You can even select a mono mode to optimize noise and resolution with non- stereophonic recordings.

Compare the Renaissance Phono Stage with others costing many times more, even up to $30,000 or more. Hear your treasured recordings come to life, and we’ll soon be welcoming you to the VAC family.

VAC Renaissance Phonostage
₪ 42,100

Statement Phonostage ● קדם מגבר מנורות לפטיפון

Cost No Object phonostage

This VAC Statement dual mono triode vacuum tube phono (MM/MC, three gain modes, adjustable load, stereo/mono operation) preamplifier is designed for extreme applications. On the back panel there are two DC umbilical cords and large Amphenol aerospace connectors, a reminder of the massive dual mono power supply. There are inputs for four independent phone sources. In addition, each input may be of the conventional single-ended type or may be fully balanced.

VAC Statement Phonostage
₪ 337,000
Audiomat Leben Zesto Boulder Lamm Symphonic Line VAC TW-Acustic

RPS 100 Phono ● קדם מגבר לפטיפון

הי אנד קצה MM/MC פונוסטייג׳

ממשק משתמש מתוחכם ונוח מאוד לשימוש

Inputs2 x RCA, 1 x XLR, other bespoke
combinations possible to order.
Output1 x RCA
GainMM 40dB, MC 68dB (independently
selectable for each input)
Matching50/100/250/500/1000 Ohm (independently selectable
for each input)
(independently selectable for each input)
PhaseNormal/inverted (independently selectable
for each input)
Operation via the 6 front-mounted buttons. Settings for
input, gain and matching are retained in
memory after powering down the unit.
MM capacitance can be selected from inside
the unit: 47pF, 100pF, 150pF, 200pF, 250pF,
Valves2x 12AX7, 2x 6922.
Dimensionsw/h/d 300x140x345mm; separate power supply
Fascia and sides 15mm aluminium, top plate,
baseplate, backplate 6mm aluminium

RPS 100 Phono
₪ 67,500
Audiomat Leben Zesto Boulder Lamm Symphonic Line VAC TW-Acustic
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