שרת מוסיקה

Innuos Playback Designs

ZEN Mini ● סטרימר \ שרת מוסיקה

כולל ממיר פנימי

  • Convenient Design
  • Hi-Fi Engineering
  • Ultra-low Noise Streamer Output
  • Perfect CD Player replacement
  • Ultra Performance CD RIP
  • Powerful Performer
  • 24bit/192KHz DAC
  • HDD hard disc

Innuos ZEN Mini
1TB HDD  ₪ 4,900
2TB HDD  ₪ 5,300
4TB HDD  ₪ 6,200
8TB HDD  ₪ 7,600


Exceptional CD ripping
I can’t think of anything in this price class

Darko Audio 2019 (John Grandberg)

An ideal introduction to music servers and home streaming.
HiFi Einsnull 2018 (Philipp Schneckenburger)

4.8 out of 5 points - Outstanding
Very innovative, incredibly fast, easy to use with a convincing sound quality and a great price/performance ratio.

Low Beats 2017

6 out of 6 points
HiFi-IFas 2017 (Bernd Weber)

ZEN Mini + LPSU ● סטרימר \ שרת מוסיקה

כולל ספק כח ליניארי חיצוני

  • Convenient Design
  • Hi-Fi Engineering
  • Ultra-low Noise Streamer Output
  • Perfect CD Player replacement
  • Ultra Performance CD RIP
  • Powerful Performer
  • 24bit/192KHz DAC
  • HDD hard disc


Simply delicious in my system.
The sound here is just on a new level.

Steve Huff Reviews 2020

Innuos ZEN Mini + LPSU
1TB HDD  ₪ 7,900
2TB HDD  ₪ 8,400
4TB HDD  ₪ 9,200
8TB HDD  ₪ 10,600

ZEN ● סטרימר \ שרת מוסיקה

ספק כח ליניארי פנימי

  • Dual-Linear Power Supply
  • 8 Custom Motherboard
  • Ultra-low Noise Streamer Output
  • Anti-vibration and EMI Treatment
  • In-Memory Playback
  • Ultra Performance CD RIP
  • HDD hard disc

Innuos Zen
1TB HDD  ₪ 10,200
2TB HDD  ₪ 10,700
4TB HDD  ₪ 11,600
8TB HDD  ₪ 12,900


very good case for using a dedicated audio server rather than a NAS drive and network switch, it sounds considerably better for one, making even a high end NAS seem distinctly crude by comparison.
ear BEST BUY 2017 (Jason Kennedy)

4.8 out of 5 points - Outstanding
Low Beat 2017

The ZEN clearly had the strength to finally establish this device category as a true HiFi System. The magazine considered it to be very user-friendly and with high audiophile standards - a Server that has earned the word "Music" in its name!
digitales HiFi 2017 (Philipp Schneckenburger)

A step towards true dimensionality with unbelievable dynamics which let you truly experience music, besides being gorgeous and self-explanatory.
6:6. A highly recommendable device with high-end sound quality and great value for money.

HiFi IFas 2017 (Bernd Weber)

ZENith ● סטרימר \ שרת מוסיקה

ספק כח ליניארי פנימי

ספק כח ליניארי פנימי בתכנונו של שון ג'ייקובס

  • Triple-Linear Power Supply
  • 8 Custom Motherboard
  • Ultra-low Noise Streamer Output
  • Anti-vibration and EMI Treatment
  • In-Memory Playback
  • Ultra Performance CD RIP
  • SSD hard disc


Best of 2018 award A wonderful sounding music server with great user friendliness and an absolutely fair price.
HiFi Einsnull 2017 (Philipp Schneckenburger)

Innuos have designed a complete fuss free digital front end, that combines carefully chosen hardware and sophisticated software into an easy to use product which has honesty and transparency at its heart. The sound of a Zenith 2 is transparent, honest and truthful and any system that reflects a balance that the user is happy with will benefit from its implementation. Setup and usage is easy and playback and library management is straightforward and intuitive.
hifi PIG 2017

Tonally neutral, ultra resolved, rhythmically in the pocket and spatially dimensional.
six moons 2017 (Ralph Werner)

Innuos ZENith
1TB SSD  ₪ 14,200
2TB SSD  ₪ 16,200
4TB SSD  ₪ 18,400
8TB SSD  ₪ 24,100

ZENith delivers a highly coherent, vibrant, and engaging sound that hangs together very well indeed.
It delivers instrument timbre, reverb, and more importantly does so in such a fashion that it sounds like musicians playing together. This is not something that streaming systems do as a matter of course, or arguably digital audio as a whole for that matter.

hifi+ 2016

Wonderful performance in terms of sound quality and combines both technical ability and an enormous user-frienliness - all for a fair price.
hifi test.de 2017 (Philipp Schneckenburger)

Brilliant software, its supple operation combined with its high quality components were enough to relativise its price.
Highly Recommended device.

Stereoplay 2017 (Malte Ruhnke)

Outstanding usability, far better than its competitors. It took its "hat off" to its overall performance: ease of use, tempo and sound quality.
fair audio 2017 (Ralph Werner)

Best Quality/Price ratio Award
HIFI live 017 (Miguel Castro)

Innuos ZENith Mk3 on functionality shines as brightly as it does on sonic performance. All its noise removal traits kept the usual digital culprits at the door and provided firm substructure for tonal evenness, fluency, spatial might and wide dynamic contrasts, which in effect resulted in aural experience many seasoned aficionados would associate with costly boutique music boxes and not PCs. But overall balance is where Innuos ZENith Mk3 truly excels. Not only it finely connects audiophile sonics with mainstream needs, but also is priced attractively considering what it does and how.
HiFi Knights 2020

STATEMENT ● סטרימר \ שרת מוסיקה

שרת מוסיקה + סטרימר ברמת הי אנד קצה

ספק כח ליניארי חיצוני בתכנונו של שון ג'ייקובס

  • New Linear Power Architecture
  • 8 Independent Linear PSU Rails
  • Custom-designed Ethernet and USB Re-clocker
  • Custom-designed Motherboard
  • 10mm CNC-machined Aluminium Chassis
  • Ultra Performance CD RIP
  • SSD hard disc

1TB SSD  ₪ 45,600
2TB SSD  ₪ 47,500
4TB SSD  ₪ 49,800
8TB SSD  ₪ 55,500


One of if not the best digital source you can buy today.
Maximum musical brilliance in any recording.

hifi+ 2019 (Jason Kennedy)

The Innuos Statement is my current reference for State-of-the-Art and handily earns our Editors Choice Award.
part-time audiophile 2020 (Scot Hull)

Transparent instrument that scores big in soundstage size and depth, dynamics, and bass reach.
Stereophile 2020 (John Atkinson)

The Innuos Statement has done more to change my opinion of digital music reproduction than anything has before. Like I said earlier, it let me discover that there is a lot of music in those digits. I had just never heard it before.
the audio beatnik 2020

Highly recomended component
hifi news 2020 (Andrew Everard)

Phoenix USB ● שעון ל יו.אס.בי

USB Reclocker

שיפור דרמטי בזרימת המוסיקה - חלק אינטגרלי מה - STATEMENT

The PhoenixUSB Reclocker takes the USB signal from any source and completely regenerates it to an extremely high-precision signal to feed into your DAC, allowing it to perform at its best.


The Phoenix isn’t an everyman hi-fi product. It’s more of a righteous demonstration of what’s possible from outboard USB correction. If you’re already committed to a network streamer and don’t wish to make the jump to one of Innuos’ ZEN devices, the Phoenix advances sound quality to put our digital front ends much closer to where we wish them to be than where they once were. Bravo.
Darko Audio 2020 (John Darko)

Phoenix USB
₪ 10,400

The PhoenixUSB delivers the best sound I’ve heard with a USB connection to date. Editor's Choice.
The Ear 2020 (Jason Kennedy)

USB reclockers are an important element of a highly optimized digital audio chain. If your budget allows it, forget the spaghetti, and get yourself a Phoenix. Its addition in your USB chain will bring a huge grin on your face!.
Audiophile Style 2020

This bling-free box is for enthusiasts willing to look beyond its externally minimalist black dress, and already well aware of what USB sorters are capable of. Today’s supported my setup instead of stealing its thunder as expected, but did so effectively enough to change the way how music was presented as a whole. This particularly meaningful and unexpected action is the main reason why Innuos PhoenixUSB became the new king of the USB hill in my roster.‘Til next time!
HiFi Knights 2020 (David Grzyb)

Some setups will cost more than $8,000 USD just for correcting the USB signal! Well, Innuos had a better idea. They decided to put all the components in a single box – and for only $3,149. You'll also get the benefit of the shorter signal paths (no extra external cabling), linear power supplies, and much more.
Audio bacon 2020

Phoenix NET ● סוויטץ' לרשת

Minimise Network Switch Noise

Design is focused on 4 areas: Noise, Clock, Power and Vibration..

מוריד את ריצפת הרעש מהאינטרנט לאפס.
שיפור משמעותי באיכות השמע:
- מנקה בס נפוח ומשפר את כל התחום התחתון
- מרחיב ומעמיק את בימת הצליל
- צליל יותר מוחשי ופחות סינתתי

Phoenix NET
₪ 10,400
Innuos Playback Designs

MPS-X ● סטרימר \ שרת מוסיקה

  • USB (PCM up to 384kHz, DSD up to 11.2MHz)
  • Streaming (Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, vTuner, NAS, Roon-ready)
  • PLINK for all native sample rates, supports recording
  • AES (PCM up to 192kHz, DSD via DoP)
  • Coax (PCM up to 192kHz, DSD via DoP)
  • TosLink (PCM up to 96kHz)

MPS-X Music Server / Streamer
₪ 48,400
Innuos Playback Designs
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